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CapitalBio Respiratory Virus Nucleic Acid Detection Kit
The kit employs isothermal amplification technology and reacts at a constant temperature (41°C ) based on the synergistic effect of reverse transcription and transcriptase, using specific fluorescent probes for real-time fluorescence detection. The amplified positive samples will create an S-shaped amplification curve similar to real-time fluorescence PCR, which will complete the amplification and detection of the target genes in one step. With the method of microfluidic technology, a high throughput parallel detection of multiple target genes can be carried out simultaneously.
CapitalBio Respiratory Pathogen(RTisochipTM Kit)
The RTisochipTM kit can rapidly test for the presence of 13 types of common respiratory bacterial pathogens directly in respiratory secretions or aspirated samples, with no need for time-consuming bacterial culture. The respiratory bacterial pathogen detection kit greatly reduces the time to clinical diagnosis, improving the accuracy of diagnosis and hence facilitating appropriate treatment and avoids problems associated with some difficult to culture bacteria.
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