Extrator 36 Nucleic Acid Extractor

Extractor 36 Nucleic Acid Extractor is designed to process small volume DNA/RNA extractions in 36 × 1.5 ml microtubes. Optional carousels are available for 0.5ml tubes and 96/384-well plates. Its continuously adjustable speed and running time provide convenience and enable different extraction protocols. In combination with CapitalBio’s DNA extraction kits, the Extractor 36 is an effective tool to meet specific sample preparation needs.

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The comparison between amplified aac gene, the drug resistance gene from WHO20, by CapitalBio Extractor and another commercial instrument.


Extractor 36 Performance


Mix cells with solutions from the extraction kit in 1.5ml microtubes
Vortex on the CapitalBio Extractor™ 36 for 5 minutes
Heat in 95 ℃ water-bath for 5 minutes
Ready for PCR

◆ Adjustable speed control
◆ Specially designed vortex function
◆ Timer ranges from 0 to 60 minutes
◆ For best results, use with our optimized reagent kit (order separately, see below)


36 × 1.5ml microtubes
Speed Range
0 – 1,400 rpm
Time Range
0 – 60 minutes, or limitless
Input Rating
AC 110V/AC 220V, 50Hz, 0.2A
40 Watts
Size (W × D × H)
210mm × 350mm × 280mm (8.3in × 13.8in × 11in)
17kg (37.5lb)


Cat. No.
Product Name
Product Description
CapitalBio Extractor™ 36 Nucleic Acid Extractor
Customizable carousel
CapitalBio Universal Kit for Bacterial DNA Extraction
10/50/100 tests