ChemLite 1200 Immunoassay Analyzer

ChemLite 1200 immunoassay analyzer is a random-access tube-based diagnostic platform for qualitative and quantitative chemiluminescence assays of human serum, plasma or other body fluid samples. The operation of ChemLite 1200 is fully automated and equipped with LIS interface and is thus ready for numerous clinical biochemical assays.

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The entire sample analysis process including sampling, reagent administration, incubation, elution and detection are performed automatically by the ChemLite 1200 analyzer. The operator needs only to place the sample tubes onto the sample carousel. The final analysis results are generated automatically and displayed on screen and/or printed out on a test report form.

The ChemLite 1200 analyzer comprises a sample module, a reagent module, a reaction module, a washing module, a detection module, a cuvette feeding module and a robotic arm module which function together automatically under control of the computer.

◆ Full automation: Automatic sample barcode reading, sample dilution, rerun, and consumables monitoring capabilities are fully incorporated, eliminating human errors and improving system reliability.
◆ Intuitive software: Real time display of the test process, error alerts, simple and neat interface, and convenient touch screen control panel access make the ChemLite 1200 analyzer simple to use.
◆ Precision liquid handling: the CV of sampling is not more than 1%.

Throughput120 tests per hour
Stat time to completion of the first test35 minutes
Onboard dilution of patient samplesYes
Automatic rerunYes
STAT modeYes
Auto detection of adequate reagent or specimen
Sample walk away capacity60
Sample volume required15 ~ 100 μl
Aspiration precision of specimenCV ≤ 3% @ 15μL CV ≤ 1% @ 100μL
No. of calibrators required for each analyte2 or 6
No. of different assays simultaneously onboard24
No. of bead / dilution buffer containers simultaneously onboard6
No. of cuvettes incubated simultaneously90
Incubation Temperature Precision±0.5℃
VoltageAC 220/50Hz
Power1000 Watts
Size (W×D×H)1400mm × 735mm × 1200mm
Tumor MarkersCEA100 Tests / kit
CA125100 Tests / kit
CA15-3100 Tests / kit
CA19-9100 Tests / kit
PSA100 Tests / kit
F-PSA100 Tests / kit
AFP100 Tests / kit
InsulinINS100 Tests / kit
C-P100 Tests / kit
Thyroid hormonesTSH100 Tests / kit
T3100 Tests / kit
T4100 Tests / kit
FT3100 Tests / kit
FT4100 Tests / kit
TPOAB100 Tests / kit
TGAB100 Tests / kit
Sex hormonesLH100 Tests / kit
FSH100 Tests / kit
PRL100 Tests / kit
Totalβ-hCG100 Tests / kit
Cat. No.Product NameProduct Description
140110ChemLite 1200 Immunoassay AnalyzerA fully automated, random access and tube based system for qualitative and quantitative immunoassays, with computer.

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