PersonalArrayer 16 Microarray Spotter

PersonalArrayer 16 is a new highly flexible and efficient microarray spotter. It is equipped with both contact printing and proprietary non-contact dispensing technology. It can be used for proteomics, genomics, clinical diagnostics and food safety testing applications. Its compact design and flexible functions make it suitable for research labs and diagnostic labs.

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◆ Compact design
◆ Dispense volumes are adjustable from 10nl to 50µl
◆ Air pressure-driven dispensing ensure no direct contact with slide substrates, giving higher sample recovery rate and less contamination
◆ User-friendly software interface, with a selection of array designs and array previews
◆ High efficiency pinhead wash: Customizable combination of sonication, water/solvent wash with high speed peristaltic pump and vacuum drying of printing pins
◆ Flexibility: Users can choose different modules for different printing applications
◆ Active intelligence: Automatic identification of slide/plate deck and spotting/dispensing module and automatic fluid level sensing


Contact Spotting
Non-contact Dispensing
Sample Plate
One 96/384-well plate
Two 96-well plates, or 16 slides, or membrane of size up to 18.2 × 25.7cm
Repeat Precision
Spotting Efficiency
384 samples, 3 replicates, 15 slides /2 hours
Dimension (W × D × H)
560 × 500 × 435mm (22.0 in × 19.7 in × 17.1 in)
No. of Pin/Nozzle
1, 2, 4 pin(s)
1 nozzle
Sample Uptake Volume
0.25 - 1.25μl
3- 50μl
Sample Delivery Volume
0.5 – 12.5 nl
10-104nl (adjustable)
Minimum Sample Required
5μl(384-well plate)
15μl(384-well plate)
Center-to-center Distance
AC 110V/AC 220V
200 Watts
45 kg (99 lb)

◆ Fabricate gene chips by either contact spotting or non-contact dispensing
◆ Fabricate protein chips by either contact spotting or non-contact dispensing
◆ Compatible with slide spotting and plate spotting; Non-contact Microdispense™ technology applies to biological samples including nucleotides, proteins, and cell fragments
◆ Applicable for microarray fabrication on membranes


Cat. No.
Product Name
PersonalArrayer 16 Microarray Dual Spotter
Dual systems for contact printing and non-contact dispensing
PersonalArrayer 16 Microarray Contact Spotter
Contact printing only
SAP 7 Pin
For contact printing
SAPH 4 Pin Holder
Holds up to 4 pins (2 × 2)
Epoxy group optimized for protein
OPPolymerSlide A
Amino group optimized for PCT product / oligo
OPPolymerSlide D
Aldehyde group optimized for protein/peptide/oligo