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Molecular Annotation System V4.0
The Molecular Annotation System (CB-MAS) is a total data- mining and function-annotation solution capable of extracting and analyzing genome-wide relationships amongst biological molecules from public knowledge bases. The CB-MAS analysis platform is a web client program for interactive navigation within knowledge bases. CB-MAS uses a relational database of biological networks created from millions of individually modeled relationships between genes, proteins, biological complexes, cells and tissues and their relationships with diseases, providing a view of your data which is integrated with biological networks according to different biological contexts. CB-MAS helps you to understand the biological relationships embedded within gene expression data.
The primary database of CB-MAS integrates the latest high-content biological resources from Genbank, EMBL, SwissProt, Gene Ontology (GO), KEGG, BioCarta, GenMapp, mirBase, EPD, HPRD, MIND, BIND, Intact, TRANSFAC, UniGene, dbSNP, OMIM, InterPro, HUGO, MGI and RGD. CBMAS offers various query entries, graphics result displays, comparative genome information and free word searches. The system represents a powerful alternative approach to mining and for the discovery of the biological significance of high throughput microarray data.
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