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MicroRNA Array Services
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small (approximately 22nt) ribonucleotides found in animal and plant cells which play important roles in cell differentiation, tissue development and apoptosis by regulating gene expression and protein translation. Altered expression of microRNAs has also been seen in numerous mammalian cancers. CapitalBio has developed two microRNA arrays, the mammalian miRNA array (human, rat, mouse) and the plant miRNA array which contain 1320 and 426 non-redundant microRNA probes, respectively.
Expression Profiling Array Services
CapitalBio Expression Profiling Array Services guarantee the quality of your results. The exceptional quality of our services was highlighted in the U.S. FDA-sponsored MicroArray Quality Control (MAQC) project (Nature Biotechnology, 24(9): 1140-1150, 2006). CapitalBio’s highly trained specialists manufacture, hybridize, scan, and conduct a preliminary analysis of your arrays. There is no need for you to train your lab personnel in highly specialized techniques or purchase expensive instruments to fabricate arrays in-house. Moreover, because CapitalBio products range includes ready-to-use arrays to customizable array designs, which enables you to explore the complex bio-world and answer your research questions more quickly.
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